About Me

Jesse L. Stevenson is a native of Orlando Florida. He is an accomplished vocalist, songwriter, producer and award recipient in the music industry. Jesse has traveled the world extensively in his music career, singing, teaching and playing instruments on various platforms.

Since the age of 14, Jesse has served faithfully in ministry. He quickly gained his roots as a preacher and has been featured on various platforms to include conferences, workshops and official church services.

Jesse is versed in traditional and contemporary music of various genres. He plays many instruments but has thrived fluently as an organist and a pianist since the age of seven. Jesse understands the language of music and has a heart for what he does.

Jesse is an experienced educator of music performance and the fine arts. He served as musical director and a musician for many years, often times bringing the gap between sacred hymns of the church and present day contemporary music.

In 2009, Jesse founded the Freedom Dominion Christian Church in Richmond, Virginia. A few years later he reallocated to New York where he and his family currently reside.

Jesse is an anointed, powerful, atmosphere conscious man of God. In 2016, Jesse released The Power of Prayer – A Prophetic Prayer and Meditation CD. This project is available now on all digital media outlet.