When you partner together with Jesse L. Stevenson Music & Ministries you become a part of “Winner’s Circle” and a global assignment and mandate. Jesse L. Stevenson has been given a great desire and calling to lead millions into a fresh, personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through music, teaching, training, preaching, mentoring, and outreach. Your monthly commitment seed of $20 or more to partnership will help empower him to accomplish this vision and great mandate.

Our Pledge to Partnership:

We pray daily for the spiritual and financial blessings of God in your life
We commit to send you correspondence for your spiritual growth
We offer distinctive accommodations for you at selected MPM sponsored events.
We give discounts on special products offered at sponsored events.
We give you advanced private notices of new music being released before notifying the public
We give you exclusive free downloads of music and messages before notifying the public.

Your Commitment:

Be faithful in prayer for the ministry.
Be integral in honoring your commitment to the vision with your connection seed.
Attend JLS Music & Ministries events whenever possible.
Share event and ministry content with others who may be blessed by your testimony of partnership
Share the good news about Jesus and your impact through partnership
No matter if you are considering partnership, recently became a partner or an alumni, we thank you for your commitment to ministry. Your time, love, prayers and desire to further the Kingdom of God are a blessing to this ministry.

Click here to become a partner, or contact lakeisha@jesselstevenson.com to receive additional information.